"Dave Wrzesinski is to boat building as Stradivarius was to violins" -Glen Koutny, owner of 'Southern Magic', built by Marine Services Unlimited. "

From the time Dave Wrzesinski was nine years old, he has had a fascination with the creation and restoration of boats, especially wooden boats. As a boy we carefully watched my father, Les Staudacher, a craftsman of wooden boats. Together we learned the intricate art of constructing and restoring wooden boats. Dave has been working on boats ever since, everything from vintage race and wooden boats to his latest creation, mahogany nautical furniture."-Jon Staudacher

I want to express to you and Scott my pleasure with the quality of craftsmanship engineered into the new bottom of my 1956 Chris Craft Continental. I expected a great deal and you have far exceeded those expectations.

I like having a historical account of the process and I was certainly pleased that the work was completed on time and within budget. I have given your boat works a five-diamond rating. I look forward to having other restorations completed on my craft in the coming years. - Kim and David Bonewit

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